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GLAPN Serves To Assist and Satisfy the Community With Important Requests Such as Notarizing a Document at Any Time, Any Place Within a Los Angeles County. Mobile Notary Keen to Make Your Documents Processing SImple, Fast and Stress Less

Minimum Notary Fees For The State Of California

We Charge the State Approved Fee of $15 per Notarized Signature
and There is Travel Fee, Assessed based on Distance (Travel fees - vary by city)


* Notarization With Acknowledgment - $15

* Notarization With Jurat - $15

* Certified Copy Power of Attorney - $15 

* Oath - $15


* Certificate - $15

* Travel to Medical Facility Basic Fee $60- $80


* Travel to Jail Basic Fee $160 - $180

E-Mail and Print Services

If you are unable to get access to the documents, you can either fax or e-mail it to us and we will print it for you. An additional fee will apply.


CALL +1 (323) 426-5949 OR

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